What is DocBook?

The main aspect of DocBook is separating the content and the form - so the book or article only contains what we write, not how we write it. If we have one document in DocBook XML format, we can easily convert it to any other type of document (html, epub, pdf, etc.), by freely associating it with various forms of outlook. This way we preserve content information for the future without limiting further publications of it. DocBook XML is an XML-based mark-up language, by which we can make excellent archives as well as online publications.

Mit csinálunk?

As part of our service in preparing DocBooks we can produce professional DocBook XML files from materials of almost any format and any state. Source documents may include, but are not limited to:

  • Word-processed documents (MS Word, OpenOffice)
  • Fragmented documents (InDesign, Quark, Ventura, TeX)
  • Paper-based documents without digital material 
  • As part of our work we provide professional 
    • editing of pictures, charts and diagrams, 
    • forming equations and formulas.

Our service is not to be mistaken by 'document conversions' reachable on the Internet by one mouse click, which in almost all cases result in an imperfect product - as it is an incredibly easy task to provide a DocBook file which is of accurate form, but a real, well-formatted professional document, which can make use of all possibilities of the format can only be produced after a complicated editing process, after countless manual coding tasks.

Our results

We have converted several thousand pages of professional textbooks for our clients according to the high standards of the Digital Textbook Library operated by Educatio. Due to this we have gained significant experience in converting textbooks of complicated editing or containing charts and pictures into DocBook.

Technikai infó

As in Hungary the main user of DocBook XML format is the Digital Textbook Library, which is also the main client of us due to regular further educational TÁMOP projects, in our work we mainly implement the technical specifications used by them for preparing books or journals:

  • DocBook 4.5, with <book>root  unit
  • pictures in PNG format 
  • equations in MathML format and as a picture

In case of specific needs, of course, we also provide our service in other forms (DocBook 5, other picture formats, <article>root unit, etc.) according to negotiations.